I once had a pet turtle named Jack. I feel guilty for having kept him for so long, but Jack was released into a park pond later in his life. He was just one of many unusual animals that lived inside my family’s suburban home.

I loved all of my pets, even the slimy ones like Jack who weren’t as lucky as some other species to receive cute looking fur. Jack was also lucky, to some degree, to live the rest of his life in a natural environment. I was recently contacted by a group called the Turtle Rescue Team, a non-profit organization run by veterinary students at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. They provide medical, surgical and husbandry services free of charge in the hope of releasing rehabilitated turtles back into the wild. I was invited to submit a piece of artwork to donate for their 2nd Annual Turtle Team Rescue Benefit Sale. You can take a look at the other artwork submitted here.

I have to admit that I didn’t see how I could give up one of my new paintings so early on in my new business venture, but I also didn’t see how I could say no. This was such a good cause, and it was a way I could finally help do something that didn’t involve time or money I didn’t have. I thought about donating a print, but I couldn’t because my turtle painting was designed in such an awkward shape as to not translate well to print form. Finally, I decided to let it go. Once I made that decision, it was easy to follow through.


The auction was scheduled for January 25th – January 29th. I’m happy to report that the painting sold within the first few hours of the benefit! Not only did I get to participate in such a wonderful event, but I helped raise money that will go to take care of medical and surgical therapies for quite a few injured turtles.


Please go check out this amazing organization and help out in any way possible. The world is a better place because of the team. I know the turtles appreciate them.