I’m still at the early stages of my new business so I have quite a long to-do list. I’ve posted prints of most of my silhouette paintings to the store already, but as of now they have been somewhat naked in their presentation. I’ve reached the point of staging – arranging the framed prints in a way that’s much more appealing than laying them on an empty table.

I used to be a pack rat in my earlier days, but once I moved away from home I turned into the opposite monster. I don’t like keeping souvenirs or knickknacks because they become a hassle in the long run, especially on moving days. Therefore, when it came time to make my prints look presentable, I found it difficult to find objects to put next to the prints. After a little detective work and creativity I think the arrangements, so far, have turned out well.

Most of my past jobs have been frame shop related. I’ve had to mass produce them, assemble them, and ship them. I’ve had to custom mat and frame prints over and over. It is an extremely useful skill to have, but I always dread coming back to it when I have to. Thank goodness the end result is so worthwhile. A framed piece of artwork feels clean and special. It’s one of the small joys in life that makes me feel complete. I’m sure this will be an evolving process now that I’ve started. Go take a look at the other arrangements I’ve made so far.