It’s time to reintroduce you to the Zooettes! Previously, when I referred to my animal art, I used the phrase animal silhouettes. Pretty bland.

A new year brought along even more changes for the colorful, beady eyed animals you know. It was time for a better name and a new look. As my Zooettes shop continues to expand, you’ll see a few changes happen that I’ll discuss in future posts. First thing to point out is that will, once again, be the central hub for my various art projects. is the current and future site of all of my animal art so please look around and get accustomed. You’ll notice it’s similar to my old shop.

A few highlights:

  • Shopping is now completely secure using SSL and encrypted data (notice the green padlock in the url)
  • A new payment option is now available with Amazon Payments
  • Paintings are being converted to canvas prints
  • … and new products are here.
  • plus much more! Stay tuned!

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