There are some new purchase options for my fine art prints that I think you might be interested to hear about. First, let’s talk about the materials:

Two types of paper

Matte Photo

The new matte photo paper option was added for customers looking for a more economical choice.

Kodak Professional Endura Premiere Paper is the best photographic paper currently available, and it’s used to produce chromogenic prints (C-prints) through a traditional photographic process. The paper is exposed with light and then run through a chemical process. There is a slight sheen to the surface even though it’s the matte version of the paper.

What does that mean for you?

Dachshund wiener dog modern framed art print for sale by Ricky Colson

Well, the Kodak paper is considered the gold standard so you won’t notice a change in the color and quality of the print, but there will be a slight reflection, just like you’d see on a normal printed photo.

What you may notice even more is the significant drop in price.

Somerset Velvet

You now have an additional, less expensive choice (matte photo) for the type of paper my designs are printed on, but my best paper hasn’t gone anywhere.

The Somerset Velvet paper from Epson is still available, but it’s no longer the default option when you click on an art print to buy. It’s acid free, 100% cotton, and still my first choice for high quality prints.

It feels like watercolor paper and has absolutely no gloss so you’ll always get a perfect view no matter what angle you look from. You can tell by touching it why it’s the top choice for artists and printmakers.

Frog art print

Go big or go home

The other big change to my fine art prints are the new sizes I’ve added! Previously, you had just three choices. Now the list of standard sizes include:

  • 5×7
  • 8×10
  • 11×14
  • 16×20*
  • 18×24*
  • 24×36*

*new sizes

These new, larger sizes include both types of paper so if you want a giant, museum quality bee print to brighten up your room, you can now do that.

If you want to buy a tiny print to give as a gift for someone’s desk or nightstand, you can do that too.

As a friendly reminder, my prints do not come matted or framed. Take some time to look through my art prints and see if you like the new options. And please share!