Kids’ Animal Whisperer T-Shirts

Now that the grownups are happy, it’s time to focus on the little ones. Kids’ versions of my Animal Whisperer t-shirts are here!

The colors are slightly different than the adult unisex shirts but still include a wide selection to choose from (17 colors!). They’re printed on the same 100% fine jersey cotton, and every animal is listed.

They’re soft and durable so let your kids run wild! Sizes include 2 years, 4 years, and 6 years.

When I started my animal silhouette paintings, I wasn’t aware that they’d be so appealing for places like nurseries and kids’ rooms. It makes sense, though. The combination of animals and bright colors fits pretty well with that audience.

I knew, then, that when I released my t-shirts, I would definitely offer a line just for kids.

I remember, as a child, proudly announcing to everyone what my favorite animal or favorite color was whenever the opportunity presented itself so I’m hoping this gives kids the chance to do that without even saying a word. Now I just need to expand my animal list!

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Have fun shopping!

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Animal Mugs For Sale

Who doesn’t like to keep warm with a nice cup of coffee or tea? We all have our favorite mug, including me (I have a few, actually).

If you head on over to my shop, you’ll see a whole new collection of colorful animal mugs! I altered my original designs to fit perfectly on these white ceramic mugs, and I think they look great. Most of my animals are in there so there are plenty to choose from.

And if you can’t decide which one to get, either for yourself or as a gift for a friend, I suggest you go with my colorful animal mug which has every one of my animals included on one single mug! Even the scarecrow made the cut.

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Each animal mug is 11oz, both dishwasher and microwave safe, and made in America. Which one do you like?

Get yours soon before the holidays pass you by. You can find the cut off dates (less than a week for mugs!) for ordering here.

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